Frugal Ways to Decorate Your Apartment or House on a Budget This Holiday Season

Cheap and affordable ways to decorate your apartment or house that won’t break the bank, these frugal DIY tips and tricks will have your home looking amazing without spending much.

Frugal Ways to Decorate Your Home on a Budget this Holiday Season - Local Records Office

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home for Frugal People

One of many people’s favorite pastimes is to go onto different sites/ apps to find new or used furniture, décor or even clothes and electronics. Apps such as Poshmark, Etsy, OfferUp, Close5, and LetGo and even Craigslist have great finds when looking for authentic décor to add to your home. As the old saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” And as I am browsing, I look through vintage housing goods, and simply put, things people are willing to throw away that just need a little bit of love and have a lot of character.

Consignment stores also have a lot to offer. Whether it is refurbishing, painting, that all depends on how little or how big of a project you are in for and what kind of touch you want to bring into your home. It is a great time for the holidays to make crafts with your kids and let them be a part of the fun. Spending time with your family is what the holiday season is all about. And don’t forget, to have fun.

Frugal isn’t being cheap, it’s being creative and smart

I decided to make play dough one night and the following day, my 2 year old daughter and I walked around our street collecting leaves, sticks and pinecones. I let her explore with the different textures of the play dough and we starting building our own art sticking the sticks, leaves and pinecones in the play dough. Art is meant to be an exploration for kids to learn.

In case you are out of ideas, or you just simply want to find new projects, Pinterest and YouTube are both great sites to find easy DIY projects. Making candles for example, as we are in the holiday season and even purchasing rocks or sand makes for a great authentic centerpiece for your table and only takes a small amount of your time. Going to stores such as Dollar Tree or the 99 Cent Store will help stretch your dollar.

When you are buying art supplies, make sure to consult with your nearby art supplies store, where you can find the right type of paint and/ or the right kind of materials for your next project.

Frugal Holiday DIY Decor

Buying items to make your own holiday décor such as craft items to DIY home décor like door wreaths and personalizing your stockings every year will make your home look stylish for the holiday season.

It’s easy to get carried away on spending, especially during this time of the year. Just keep in mind, simplicity is more.

“By making your home cheerful and inviting is usually the main objective, so there is no reason to break your bank over the holidays” says, Local Records Office

DIY projects are fun all year long, and making art is a great way to express yourself, and lets you create. From refurbishing furniture, to growing a vegetable garden will bring life into your home. Just keep your eyes out on buying only a select few things and in creating a style to your liking.

Painting and color matching your choice of carpeting and furniture with your home décor can go a long way, but then adding those finishing touches of your DIY projects will create the atmosphere of your liking in making it your home sweet home.

Repurposing old furniture can drastically change the atmosphere of your home, check out this site on Pinterest and find some other ideas on how to sparkle up your home for the New Year.