Getting To Know The People Next Door

It used to be that, when neighbors moved in, the welcoming committees would swoop down on their doorstep with cakes, cookies and smiles. Now, especially in apartment complexes where people come and go frequently, this is often not the case. Families who take the initiative to get to know the people in their community will find themselves with more social supports, camaraderie, and fun than they expect. The following tips give newcomers some great ways to meet their community members without the awkwardness.

Let The People in Your Neighborhood Eat Cake

New neighbors wont bring the cake to you? Bring it to them. Free food is a great way to introduce yourself and make a great lasting impression. Cakes don’t have to be homemade or even cakes at all to get the point across. Some people bring pies, fruit bowls, veggies from the local market or even flowers. Choose the one that fits your personality best and the one that wont hurt your pocket book too much. Also keep in mind that, with the rising instance of food allergies in the state today, baking desserts may not be your best if you truly want someone to enjoy a gift.

Host an Event

Barbecue, anyone? How about a wine and cheese tasting? Maybe a build-your-own sundae party in the front yard? If it’s fall, you could host a Halloween-themed or costume-making event. The possibilities are endless when it comes to hosting fun, no-pressure parties that people actually want to attend. Consider the age groups and demographics of your new neighbors and try to pick something that will appeal to everyone. A pool party may not be the best option if you have older neighbors, but a nice dinner party or even a card game could be. Likewise, young children would enjoy an event with games that don’t need to be too closely supervised. This way, parents can talk with one another and get to know you without worrying about their children. Hosting a party is a great way to say that you’re there to add to the neighborhood fun. Just be sure to be respectful of those directly next-door by letting them know the party first.

Volunteer and Join

Volunteer to serve on communities for school events, homeowner’s societies and spots or a charity is a wonderful way to meet like-minded people and do something good for everyone in the area. Check out the local office calendar of events or go online to search for fun and exciting ways to get involved. Your future relationships and the community will benefit.


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