A young family man protected by the federal DACA program that protects young immigrants who arrived in the country when they were children was arrested and taken into custody by federal immigration agents also kwon as ICE for the second time on Saturday, June 17, his family said.

ICE Agents Are Arresting DACA Beneficiaries

Celebrating the 13th birthday of his sister was ruined when the officers came to look for Jonathan Diaz at his home in Montgomery County, Conroe, north of Houston, Texas.

“We had just arrived from buying the cake, it was around 9 at night, it was getting dark when ICE arrived,”  Diaz’s wife Lizeth Piña told Local Records Office . “The policeman arrived with the excuse that a neighbor had called because there was a lot of noise. There was no one, we had barely left. “

ICE Agents Arrest Dreamer on DACA's 5th Year Anniversary VIDEO Local Records Office

Diaz, 23, a beneficiary of the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) program, had already been arrested by immigration agents when he left work on March 30 because allegedly his work authorization permit had expired. But according to the young man, on 16 June authorities had notified him that his DACA was never suspended.

In the video of the first arrest can be seen and heard when the immigration agents do not give the young man an explanation of his arrest. When Diaz asks him the second time, we hear when he is told that

“you are an illegal alien”

even though the young man tells them that he has legal documents.

In fact, the video is heard when Diaz tells him that he has a Social Security number and the agent says that “that does not matter, my friend.”

“The agents allegedly came with an arrest warrant but they never showed it to us,” Piña added disconsolately. “He said he did not have to teach us anything. They do not do this to us. “

Now the young Mexican is in the  Houston Processing Center  located at block 15850 of Export Plaza in Houston.

According to the lawyer for the case, Octavio Rivera Bujosa , the same immigration agent who arrested him the first time, went to look for him without giving him any explanation.

“I’m going to go see Jonathan on Tuesday or Wednesday, since I have to wait 48 hours, to see what’s going on,” the lawyer told Local Records Office.

Local Records Office also contacted ICE spokesman Gregory Palmore, who answered on the case:

“On June 17, Jonathan Diaz-Orizaba, a member of a documented gang, was arrested by National Security Investigation (HSI) agents at the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) At his residence in Conroe, Texas. Diaz-Orizaba illegally entered the country for the last time on an unknown date in an unknown place. “

The spokesman added that

“he has two felony criminal convictions, both in Montgomery County. Díaz-Orizaba is currently in ICE custody and was given notice to appear before a federal immigration judge. “