Late Sunday July 23, 18 migrants were discovered in a Walmart parking lot inside of a horrible overheated 18-wheeler trailer in San Antonio. The driver James Bradly, 60, of Clear Water, Florida was arrested later that night.

Wednesday, July 26, immigration lawyer Alex Galvez from Los Angeles, California called in to a popular radio station 107.1 fm El Show de Piolin where it was reported that ICE agents barged into the ICU room where another survivor Brandon Rodriguez, 16,  is being treated under serious condition of brain expansion and lung problems from the over 150° degree heat.

It was reported that ICE agents caused a big scene while yelling at the father of the victim. Jesus, the father of the victim travelled from Denver, Colorado to Texas along with immigration lawyer Alex Galvez have written permission from the head doctor and the owner of the hospital.

The father is an illegal undocumented immigrant who is risking deportation by being at the hospital. Jesus, the father of the victim said:

“I don’t care if my son and I get deported, I just want to be here with my son at the hospital, I want to know if my son is ok, they could deport me after my son get well but as of now I just want to be with my child”.

The incident comes at a time of stepped-up immigration enforcement by the Trump administration, which has made it a priority to deport those in the country illegally and pledged to dramatically increase border security.

Here is the audio in spanish that was live on July 26 2017 at 8:00 am (report starts at 56:25)

Frank Guisseppe Fuentes González, 20, of Guatemala was one of the 10 immigrants that have died from heat stroke or heating related problems. Gonzalez was a former DACA recipient but was revoked his legal status because of a criminal history.The trailer had little ventilating and no cooling system to throw off immigration officials at the boarder who might be suspicious of the trailer. The immigrants inside the trailer took turns breathing from a small hole to try to survive a horrendous journey to the United States.