Why I'm Retiring From Real Estate

Why I’m Retiring From Real Estate


“Retiring from real estate for good!”

Hi everyone. I am getting out of the real estate business for a lot of reasons. When I explained my situation to my sales manager, he knew there was no talking me back.

I am tired of buyers with unrealistic expectations. I am tired of buyers who think I am nothing more than a parasite sucking off 3% that they could somehow “save” if I weren’t involved. I am tired of a public that thinks I am just a little more respectable than a marketing executive. I’m tired of “real estate tourists” who think it’s perfectly ok to waste my time and have no intention of purchasing anything.

I’m tired of sellers who think I do nothing more than plant a sign and post some MLS data. I’m tired of sellers who think that just because they need to get a certain amount out of their property, an idiot buyer will be found who is willing to pay it. I’m tired of prospective sellers deciding that they “don’t want to give the property away” because market value isn’t where it was 5 years ago — and it won’t be worth what they think it should be for many years to come.

I am tired of my “professional” organization encouraging us to utter moronic platitudes like “Everybody ought to own a home” or “It’s a great time to buy!” I’m tired of our idiot chief economist twisting himself in knots to support these opinions. I’m tired of paying high fees to participate in their mandatory monopoly on accurate information.

I’m tired of the myriad vendors who want to pick my pocket: marketing “experts,” SEO services, companies who want to sell me worthless search terms, companies that want to sell me fancy websites or lead management systems, makers of promotional materials, purveyors of accurate phone lists, “coaches” who tell me I am a loser because I’m not already a millionaire but they can fix me for a mere $1,000 per month.

And I’m tired of brokers who smile and tell me that every transaction results in 2 paychecks, but they really pray I never do the math so see that below $2,000,000 of production, I’m better off working at Starbucks.

I’ll still be happy to offer opinions around here, but take retiring for what it’s worth.


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