Investing in Real Estate as a College Student

Hello Guys,

The school I attend is large and more than 2/3 of the students rent or lease houses in the surrounding town. People camp in lines outside landlord’s places to get the house they want.

I’m considering pulling resources from 2 family members and a good friend (all of whom are bootstrap millionaires) to buy a house in my collegetown as to rent it out and set up a semi passive income in a few years.

If you’ve rented out or leased out or invested in real estate before:

I wanted to know what your experience was as a landlord. What advice, tips, and tricks can you offer someone just starting out?

If you’ve had a landlord before:

What are things you looked for? What kind of landlord did you like? What would like to have seen?

NEW STUFF so you don’t think I’m totally nuts:

I’ve spent about a year and six months now researching, number crunching, getting advice, reading real estate laws, and so on. I’m only posting on reddit now because I’m pretty much ready to make the jump and ask for the investment. I just wanted to get some final opinions, tips, tricks, advice, etc. Please help this broke college student.


Investing in Real Estate as a College Student” a Reddit story- Local Records Office

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