Who is Local Records Office?

Who is Local Records Office?

Local Records Office has helped thousands of people just like you with property reports. Local Records Office offers many different kinds of information on certain properties. With thousand of property report packages sold customers can’t go wrong with Local Records Office information.


What’s included in a Property Profile Report?

When you get the information package from Local records Office there will be unique data for a specific property, this information includes: foreclosure activity, history report, criminal activity, demographics, copy of deed and much more.


Why do I need this information?

The information that Local Records Office provides is helpful to all homeowners because it gives you all the history on the property not just the past 5 years. Inside the package you will find information on what year your property was built, who have been the past owners since it was built, your neighborhood crime rate, a copy of your deed and other helpful information.


How long does it take for the information to arrive?

Since we have such high volume of clients your property profile report will usually arrive in 22 business days or less.


Why Local records and not another records company?

Local Records Office has been in business for years providing premium profile reports with hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients. Local Records Office beats the competition by providing high end service for a low cost.


Who is Local Records Office?

Local Records Office is a private company that provides individuals with property profile reports for those that just purchased a home or those planning to sell. Local Records Office has been around for almost two decades providing clients with premium information. Many people who get the letter in the mail think its a “deed letter” but it’s a service being offered to those who have just made changes to the property.