SPOKANE, WA – Panda Express is hiring. The Chinese food restaurants are looking for more than 4,000 new employees, including here in the Spokane County area. The company will hold its second annual career event, from July 18th to 24th at 400 locations across the country.

Panda Express is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and says 35,000 people are already working in restaurants around the world. The company plans to expand by at lease 100 new locations each year.

“Our hope is that the Panda Career Event is not only a catalyst to welcome new associates into the Panda Family, but also shines a light on the lucrative career growth the restaurant industry has to offer,” said Leonard Yip, chief people officer at Panda Restaurant Group. “We look forward to discovering candidates who have the unwavering qualities of grit, grace, giving and humility – they’re the values we prize and see every day at our Panda Express restaurants.”

The company says it offers competitive base pay, bonuses and paid time off, as well as health insurance and a stocks and saving plans. It also helps qualified employees with money for higher education.

Interested candidates can sign up for interviews at restaurants nearby, by clicking here.