Real Estate: Ways to Win a Bidding War in Pekin, Illinois

In today’s market, bidding wars are almost inevitable in Pekin, IL. And like they say it’s better to be prepared before the search begins, is especially true when battling for one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, says, Local Records Office. And the potential to make a mistake is higher when you feel rushed and out of patience. So it is best to have an ideal price set in your mind as slightly less than your maximum you are willing to pay to give you some wiggle room in the bidding war.

An all cash offer will give you a full advantage. So come with cash, as sellers don’t want to deal with a loan that might not come through or wait the extra time and prefer all cash. In some cases they may even work a deal out on the price. In any case, cash will double your chances to win a bidding war, according to Redfin, a online real estate brokerage. You can always take out a mortgage after the deal closes.

Bidding War and Loans in Pekin, Illinois

And in case you do not have the advantage to make an all-cash offer, try waiving the financing contingency, (when the deal is contingent on your loan being approved by the lender). Though, be careful, because you do not want to end up on the hook for cash when the loan does not come through, so be sure and get a fully underwritten loan pre-approved by your lender first before submitting an offer, says, Local Records Office.

Be realistic of inspections and repairs. Do not request for any favors from the seller, as these stipulations will delay the process and might turn the seller off to end up proceeding with the next best offer. When the inspection reveals these major defects you are not able to see initially during a walkthrough, the seller may be willing to lower the price.

Also delaying the buyer’s possession by giving the seller a few extra days to move may appeal to the seller to look kindly upon the offer that lets them move at leisure.

Start with your best offer, because a competitive market is not the time to negotiate a bargain. You may only get one shot at making an offer, and “you need to come in with your highest and best,” says Herbert.

A personal letter to sellers with a family photo will go a long way, though, “it doesn’t work for everybody, but I have seen it work for many, many people” Herbert says.

Big earnest money deposit –will rule out any signs of backing out and the sellers will see that you are serious about the deal.

Backup offer -as many prospective buyers do not want to make an offer on a house that has a pending contract, though, deals fall through all the time, ie. inspections, financing and other terms. So when you found the perfect home, sometimes making a backup offer will put you in first place when the initial buyer walks away.

Consider waiving or shortening contingencies –most offers are made contingent on the buyer obtaining a mortgage, and the appraisal being equal to the purchase price and a buyer approving the inspection. While waiving any one of those contingencies can become risky, may be the right move in some circumstances. Quiroz suggests shortening time periods, such as promising to do the inspection or getting financing sooner, “if you can shorten your contingencies, you can make your offer look better to a seller,” Quiroz says. “Nobody wants to wait three weeks for a deal to fall apart.

The mortgage pre-approval goes further than prequalification because you submit all paperwork up font. The bank verifies the amount you can afford in order to pay for your home. It also takes the guesswork out of your home search and shows sellers you are able to back up your offer with real money.

While it is a sellers’ market, it can be very difficult to buy the first home and therefore it will be wise to go into purchasing a home with an open mind. And it may especially be uncomfortable for a buyer when markets change overnight “time is of the essence”.

The Market Overs Different Offers in the City of Pekin, Illinois

Multiple offers will change many factors as a beautiful home that is priced well can drive the price up, it is important to have an earnest money deposit that looks attractive to the seller.

Move quickly, “things are gone in a matter or house” Alexy says. “You really have to move fast.” This means rushing to see the home within hours of it listed.

Write the sellers a personal note

Sellers are generally attached to their home and have a hard time letting go, as they most likely raised their kids and want to know a little more about the people taking over their precious nest, a personal note sharing will give more of a general idea of why you want to purchase the home, whether it is a perfect fit for your kids or how much you love that neighborhood. And be sure to leave the part out of any future remodels, as this could turn the seller off completely.