Remodeling Your Backyard and Creating an Awesome Outdoor Patio

Backyard landscape is a homeowners dream, the backyard is where the kids play, where the dogs run wild, where the best BBQ’s are hosted and where we enjoy our summer time in the sun.


diy Creating an Escape Backyard patio that ‘Will Knock You Off Your Feet’ Literally - Local Records Office

Finding your Zen with a cool spot to hang out and enjoy time with friends and family is a great way to start this New Year. We will be heading into spring and before you know it, summer will breeze by us like there’s no tomorrow. The ambiance is a great aiming point when remodeling your backyard. And a low-maintenance environment by using Native Southern California plants and energy-efficient /solar lighting creates low-maintenance options, which means less stress managing those awful weeds on weekends.

A welcoming space in your backyard

Whether it is atop stained redwood deck, backed with a privacy wall, and nicely furnished furniture, or an island with a new gas grill, backyards need focal points, like the foyer in your home. Fire pits are also great for family gathering around the fire roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories. Or maybe, you want the exact opposite and would love to see a nice nature trail pathway with stones leading you to a coy fish pond, and a couple of antique white chairs where you are surrounded in nature. Either way, your backyard is a place to escape and a chance to get-away from that 9-5 weekday job and the rest of the world breathing hot air down your neck.

Contemporary lifestyle and the love of entertainment

New additions to an impressive backyard makeover on Yard Crashers had undergone renovation for 12 years. The backyard was completely transformed with a variety of new additions of a “new stone patio is the platform for new furniture, and accent pieces that add color and warmth to the yard” says the Local Records Office. The metal and glass fire was a featured visual centerpiece.

An upscale outdoor backyard kitchen that is ideal for grilling and entertaining

With hot weather in Southern California on the rise, people are beating the heat with cooking outdoors on the grill. It is healthier and less of a mess to clean up. Having dinner in your backyard is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get out of the house without the hassle of going out.

A feature barbecue island is the highlight of a backyard makeover. There are some really exclusive professional grills and islands custom-built for a great price, with free delivery in California and Arizona, and set-up by a private owner I personally know, you can contact Jack Freeman at: (714) 231-0394

Décor that features and brightens your backyards space

Using darker colors with bright will compliment your backyard with multiple accents and make your backyard feel more inviting.

“Stylistically, you want to up on colors and textures that tie the two spaces together,”

says Amber Freda, a landscape architect in New York. Having unique features will also give your backyard life and bring a whole new character to make outdoor dining more enjoyable.

Create a focal point

Water and fire are also great ways to compliment a landscape, or when working with a small backyard space, adding a single planter in the center to draw the eye in and push the walls away, play a nice trick on the eye.

Backyard gardens that create an escape and serve purpose

Creating a spiritual retreat offers unique features in the backyard such as Zen gardens that accentuate refreshing colors of life with plants and soothe your spirit. It becomes a great space to find focus and center on you, but also have a garden that has less upkeep as well as serves a purpose, is an ideal arrangement. Native American plants are drought intolerant and have healing components; you can have the best of both worlds.

Native American gardens that serve a purpose

The University of Santa Cruz has an entire brochure about Ethnobotany where indigenous people created useful landscapes to provide food, fiber, tools, and medicine. Cherokees would ground up the roots of a blackberry plant and sweeten it with honey as a natural remedy for a sore throat, coughs, bleeding gums or mouth sores.

Keep your backyard’s maintenance at a minimum

The use of containers still gives you the warmth of live plants and the planters are more manageable to take care of. And in case you really want low-maintenance but still endure a natural look, Martha Angus recommends faux boxwood and artificial turf to still have a beautiful environment which requires no water and is also ideal for a smaller space.