Being a pet owner is an awesome experience, our pet becomes part of our family and they bring joy to our lives. It is an awesome feeling when we come in the door and they are right there to greet us. Our pet becomes out best friend when we don’t have anyone else to hang out with. Dogs are known to be mans best friend, always want to play fetch and never leaves our side, cats in the other hand are independent, clean, don’t need as much attention as dogs but love to take naps.

Sneaking Your Pet in Your Apartment Without Your Landlord Knowing is Risky Business

If your apartment building doesn’t accept pets sneaking your dog or cat might seem like a risk worth taking especially if your landlord doesn’t live on sight or if he or she hardly stops by. However, keeping a pet out of sight and without your landlord’s approval might land you in hot water.

Fines for Sneaking Your Pet

What Will Happen If You Sneak Your Pet into Your Apartment? – Local Records Office

The most common out in most cases is that the landlord will give you a fine. There have been cases where fines are per pet, for example if you have 3 dogs you will get 3 different fines. Other tenants have been fined for the days that the pet has been living in the apartment, even though this is rare it has happened.

“Sneaking your pet in your apartment without your landlords knowledge might get you evicted since you didn’t pay a pet security deposit or pet rent” – Local Records Office

In order for your landlord to fine you he or she needs proof that you violated your lease. If you landlord is asking for drastic amount you may settle it in civil court to recoup your costs, but keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that you are able to keep the pet in the apartment building.

Pet Approval

The majority of leases are pretty clear, either you are allowed to have a pet or you are not, that simple. If you sneak a pet into your apartment your landlord has the legal right to ask you to remove the pet from the building and if you don’t you will have to move but here is where it gets tricky, if you move you will break the lease and if you break your lease you will have to pay large penalties.

“Pet rent is the main reason why so many tenants sneak pets into apartments” – Local Records Office  

Keep in mind that even if your landlord doesn’t see your pet your neighbors might report it to your landlord. Small dogs are known to bark a lot and this may annoy your neighbors.


The majority of landlords are willing to work with the tenants when it comes to pets, even if you break your lease. The reason is because it’s easier to work with an existing tenant than it is to have them move and have an empty apartment unit not making any money. Keep in mind that if you sneak a pet in your landlord has the right to evict you and on top of that the landlord may sue you for the remainder of your lease payment. “Some tenants find recovering from an eviction difficult and any of your future landlords may know about your eviction history, this will make renting difficult” says, Local Records Office.

What Is The Right Way To Bring In Your Pet?

The worst thing someone could do is to sneak a pet but there is a simple and easy to way to go. Just ask your landlord. That simple. You’ll be surprised how many landlords will allow pets, especially if you have been paying your rent on time in the past. If your landlord agrees with you having a pet or pets make sure you get it down in writing. Keep in mind that some landlords may ask for the breed weight of the animal. There are many videos online where landlords catch tenants redheaded with their pets.