Does Having Nice Neighbors Really Matter?


For busy professionals who rarely get to interact with their neighbors, it’s easy to discount the value of having good people living next door. Because the definition of a “good neighborhood” varies from person to person, determining whether or not a potential locale is a good fit for you and your family may also seem difficult and not worth the time. Checking crime statistics and your Local Records Office for neighborhood statistics and facts is certainly important and garners valuable information. Knowing whom your neighbor’s are-and understanding why you should-is incredibly vital before choosing a new house. There are generally four types of neighbors one can encounter when moving into a new community. Use these guidelines to determine which kind you’ll share a property border with.

The Young Family

Young families can be tons of fun if you have kids around the same age, but if you’re older and want some peace and quite, it may not go as well. Kids tent to be noisy, through no fault of their own. Outdoors games, music practice, arguments with siblings and slips and falls can all be huge crowds of cars parking all along your street. Although this usually isn’t a deal-breaker for people, be real with yourself in determining whether or not a young family with kids would drive you crazy enough to make you want to leave.

The Nosy Neighbor

Though generally harmless, the nosy neighbor can make life miserable for those trying to fit into their new surroundings. Nosy neighbors can be a nuisance by spreading gossip, especially if you have children or pets that could be affected by others views towards them. Although its impossible to tell a nosy neighbor from a non-nosy neighbor simply by looking at them, having some conversations with people out and about in the neighborhood will usually give you an idea about prevalence of gossip. If a neighbor starts describing other families on the street in not-so-nice ways, evaluate how important a harmonious neighborhood crew is to you before deciding to move in.

The Messy Crew

These folks are generally harmless you’re someone who likes to keep your yard neat and clean (and wants to keep their clean, too). Weeds can spread from lawn to lawn, and a neighbor who doesn’t keep his or her property up to your standards can keep you busy chasing unwanted plants and debris when you’d rather be relaxing or inside. Neighborhoods with unique “collections” (or junk) in their yards might also be a source of embarrassment or irritation for some folks, so take a look at your neighbors and identify stockpiles before making a decision to move in. Remember, no one is obligated to keep an immaculate yard. If this is important to you, consider moving into a neighborhood that has a neighborhood association. This can often eliminate the possibility that someone’s grass will go uncut or that they’ll erect a sixty-foot- pole next to your door.

The Rude Dudes

Some people are just inconsiderate or way more laid-back than usual. Parties who’ll have music blasting until 2 in the morning can usually be dealt with by invoking noise ordinances and appropriate punishment, but sometimes even this wont deter troublemakers. Drive through your potential neighborhood at night to check out the nightlife, once during the week and once on a Friday or Saturday evening around midnight. It might be a hassle, but it could definitely be worth your time. You can also try to obtain records from you Local Records Office to determine if the noise complaints have indeed been filed a lot by existing tenants or other neighbors nearby.